Asymmetry – Part 2

Part two of Asymmetry. What happened? How did the protagonist arrive in the hospital? Find out below. If you are new to series. Click here to read from the beginning

I was at the beach on a Sunday. Not a typical weekend but a day that truly meant its word. There wasn’t a more perfect place than the beach on a sunny day on a Sunday and it made me happy. The sun beat against my skin and there was the sound of waves against the shore. The wind brought relief from the heat and an ocean smell.

“Ice cream?” Mum ask.

Yes, please! I nodded.

There was an exchange of some coins and the vendor handed me a double serve of a chocolate sundae.

Mum and dad wanted to be alone after that and they sat under the sun umbrellas at the store. They were distracted by one another in the way loves are. Hand in hand, smiles and laughs.

I pulled down my shades as I left them and sat down underneath a palm tree where I ran cream across my skin. The cream felt cold and smooth, then harsh. The sand had a habit of that. It shimmered a tranquil gold, warm to the touch.

Children played on the beach across the road. They splashed at one another, the droplets shimmers in the sun.

I adjusted my sunnies. It looked like a lot of fun. I dropped my towel, adjusted my shorts and stepped towards the beach –

-Onto the pedestrian strip.  The bitumen blistered my feet. The less time I spent on the road, the less it would burn. I hobbled to my second step and my third, each faster than the last.

There was a motorbike. Beep, the horn went. I stopped and looked and regretted it. The bitumen was like hot coals on my skin. The bike was going fast, too fast. It was overtaking a car on the left.

Forty kilometres an hour, the sign read. The white safety lines on the strip guided me and I hurried across. Beep beep.

One step, two steps and I was off the road. Safe, I turned to take a look.

The sun refracted in the car’s untinted windscreen and the driver, an old man looked panicked.

 The motorbike drove erratically. It cut in front of the car too close and the car screeched its breaks. Too late –

-It clipped. I looked up and the bike was air born. Still revving.

I held myself tense but couldn’t move.


The bike tumbled through the air.

Move. I screamed.

It was coming this way. Registered & Protected  BWMH-GNZ4-MPQT-3URS


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