Asymmetry – Part 3

Where was I?

The answer came slowly. In an unknown room of unknown size. Beep. The same sterile smell and the same machine.

And so begins the third party of the story. If you haven’t read from the beginning or are just interested in rereading, click here.

Where was I?

That answer came slowly to me. In a dark room of unknown size. Beep. The same sterile smell and the same machine.

“I am Doctor Logan Banks, the doctor that is looking after you today,“ a voice said.

I rolled the sound of it across my tongue limp and unreceptive. I tasted bile. And anaesthetic.

Beep. I went.

“You have been with us for a series of days now and we took the liberty to conduct a series of tests. The results weren’t good,” he said, “You, unfortunately, are blind and the risk in surgery is high.”

I didn’t say anything. Beep. What could I say?

“Do you know where you are?” the doctor asked.

“h-hospital,” I heard myself say. It was hard to speak but somehow I managed.

The doctor paused. Beep. The absence of voice droned of machinery.

“That’s good,” he said, “I would like to introduce you to nurse Williams. She is your primary caretaker here.”

It is hard to move but I managed. I shifted my head and nodded.

“Pleased to meet you,” another voice called. It sounded familiar. Beep.

Maybe I imagined it.

“You have visitors waiting and we’ll excuse our-”

“-Don’t go,” I said.

Don’t leave me.

There was a sharp intake of breath from the nurse and one of them shuffled over. A silent conversation took place. Beep beep.

I strained to hear it. Couldn’t. Beep beep. Beep beep. My heart rose in my chest.

“It’ll be alright,” The doctor said, “I will inform your visitors.”

The door opened but didn’t shut and I could hear voices.

Beep. Beep.

“I am terribly sorry,” the doctor began, “The patient doesn’t feel comfortable with visitors at this stage.”

“But my son…” I recognised that voice. It was mum.

“It’ll be alright. Eventually,” he said and mum broke down and I cried too. Registered & Protected 


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