Asymmetry – Part 7

Hello, everyone! Nam here 🙂 The series is now drawing to a close, I’ve cut the story down to a total of nine parts not just due to wording constraints, but I’ve found a natural ending point to the story. Don’t forget to write a review! There’s only one part left to go now 🙂 And I’ll post it tomorrow! 

If you are unfamiliar with the series and wish to read from the beginning, click here.

Good luck.

Beep. Those were the last words I heard worth remembering.

They did not come from my mum, my dad. They had come from my nurse, my doctor, the surgeon and his staff before I went under. Beep.

“You smiled in your sleep,” a voice said. It was the surgeon.

“I had a good dream,” I replied.

I felt around with my hands, a wet gauze around my eyes. Beep.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” the surgeon pushed my hands away. “Your eyes are still recovering from the surgery. It’s best to let them rest.”

“Was it a success?”

Beep. There was a long sigh, “I wouldn’t necessarily call it a failure, you’ll have to wear an eye patch for a while and only after a week can we tell.”

“That’s better than I could hope for, thank you”.

“In a week’s time, you can thank me then,” the surgeon squeezed my arm encouragingly. “You’re free to be discharged, and your parents are waiting outside.”

I splayed my hands out, found the corners of the bed. I hesitated a moment. My grip tight.

Mum was crying, and dad’s grip was tight.

“If you want to stay a bit longer that’s ok.“

The surgeon seemed to understand; I didn’t really want to see them now either.

Mum and dad hadn’t been the same. Beep. Not since the accident.

I pushed myself up, hands tense, arms weak. Or was it I that changed?

“It’s ok. I would like to-“

I turned my body so that my feet hung off the side.

“-see them again”.

Beep. The floor beneath my feet felt cold, and I scratched at the gauze that made my eyes.

Not the tears that separated in a muted horror.

The mum and dad I remembered.

The lovers that loved me, the mum and dad that would share an ice cream at a beach.

My mum and dad. Registered & Protected 


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