I miss you, forgive me my friend.


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 “I remember a time you called me friend,” I wanted to say.

I tore my eyes away, from a figure that did the same. Our smiles stretched to one another, fake smiles that made a mockery of us once friends.

She held herself stiff, and she shook as I was shaking and my nails dug into the palm of my hand, where I felt her pain.

I turned my gaze downcast though I didn’t need to because I knew she was doing the same.

I held myself tense, and we passed one another in one shallow breath.

My phone went off, with a ringtone we once shared.

I picked it up, and I heard her voice.

“I’ve missed you,” she hung up, and her arms were around me, and she held me tight.

I turned around, and she was crying.

“I forgive you,” she said.

“And I forgive you too.”

When I think of friends, I think of those closest to me. My best friends, my girlfriend and those I’ve wronged.

My closest friends are those that I always go to. Outside of university we make a commitment, and we meet up many times a year, and my girlfriend is always a phone call away.

Instead, it’s those that I’ve wronged that I miss the most.

It’s one thing to lose friends because of distance and of changing interests, quite another when you’re at fault. Facebook memories are the worst in that regard, and it rubs salt in wounds years deep.

I miss one of my friends in particular, and this is a story of how I imagined how its success would go.

Have you lost friends due to mistakes? Please share your stories below.

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10 thoughts on “I miss you, forgive me my friend.

  1. i loved the piece above.. Thankfully, i always go the extra mile to right my wrong when am the one at fault, but when its the other person, nothing happens and i just have to end up forgiving and forgetting without hopes of restitution from their part. hehehehe but hopefully in future i guess.

    do check out my blog when you can, thanks

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    1. Thanks for the comment misggrace!
      The issue is when the incident is so many years in the past it becomes a very hard to approach the topic, especially when you have gone to the lengths of cutting off entire friend circles to not see each other. It’s sad, but we were all children once.

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  2. Beautiful poem, in remembrance of your friend ” With a ringtone we once shared I picked it up and heard her voice”
    reminds me of when my brother passed he love Old School music and on the way home all his favorite sounds
    were playing on the radio and we cried and laughed cried and laughed


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