Stepping into the Future

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“When I grow up, I want to be like mum,” I said as I pressed my foot into the snow. I was smiling at first, and then I frowned.

Mum’s footprint was so much larger than mine.

“It’s not fair,” I pouted.

Mum laughed at me, “It’s alright honey, you still have another thirty years to go.”

I wondered what I would be like then; would I be as tall as my mum? Would my smile be as warm?

Maybe I’ll be an interior designer like her, or perhaps I won’t take after her, and I’ll be something completely different.

The thought scared me. I wanted to be like my mum.

Mum smiled at me, unaware of my dilemmas. “Come on; I’m cooking your favourite tonight.”

I hesitated at first, and I took a step forward, and another. I made sure each step fell on hers and it became easier after that.

I chased after my mum, and my future became clearer as my steps grew into hers.

Before I knew it, I was taller than her, and I had a family of my own.

I was an artist and my feet were larger than my mums.

“When I grow up, will I be like you?” My daughter asked.

I held her tight and kissed her cheeks.

“You’ll be just like me and so much more.”

We all grow up sometimes, and we don’t always end where we thought we’d be. I always wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t expect the journey to be so arduous. 

Do you remember as a child, what you thought you wanted to, and where you thought you would be?

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12 thoughts on “Stepping into the Future

  1. Strange, but i had no idea what i wanted to become, I only knew i loved stories and i wanted to tell stories. I guess my path becomes clearer as i grew, and as i am still growing 😉


      1. if i had the idea, society rubbed off the idea… the trend of being a lawyer, doctor etc as more prestigious in the society as opposed to telling stories… but as i grew older… i knew my path laid with telling stories. other than that, maybe i had a subconscious idea i wanted to tell stories hahahaha…

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  2. I wanted to be a Lawyer to save world
    Then a Doctor or a Scientist to find common cures
    Never wanted to be a writer it just happened one day
    I have been picking up my pens every since College days
    Writing in my journal words turning into poetic phrases
    Little did I know poetry was my calling
    Beautiful expressions
    Pens of love…

    Loved your story and I’m sure in many ways you do follow in the footsteps of mum…

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    1. You’re very lucky then!
      I always wanted to write, but a lack of support meant I’ve put it off too long. Well, one day hopefully!
      And thank you very much! I tried the female perspective this time, I thought it suited the atmosphere better

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