And Now It’s April.


“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started.”

Hello everyone, Nam here.

I just wanted to tell you that today represented the end of my first month blogging. I first started blogging on the tenth of March.

It’s been a refreshing journey, and to be honest, I hadn’t expected anything of it when I first started.

Earlier that day, I remember, I made a phone call.
“Hello, this is Nam,” I said.

“Err, who’s Nam?”

“Ben’s cousin.”

“Oh right, how are you Nam? How may I help you?” The conversation went.

You see, the person on the end wasn’t some anonymous. It represented, thanks to my cousin Ben, my first contact with a publisher since I was last published, back when I was five.

No silly.

I didn’t publish a novel when I was five.




Someone published me when I was five. Wasn’t I cute?

No, don’t say it! I’m cuter now.

Thanks to my cousin Ben, I had my first informal look inside the publishing community.
“You should have a blog,” the publisher said, “Every writer has a blog.”

Well, I guess I best got into it, but first why?

“Because a writer needs to have a following to their name.”

An author name or pen name is like a brand. She went on to say, and so what do you know. I started a blog.

To be honest, I hadn’t expected much from blogging online. I was maybe going to show it to my facebook friends (which I still haven’t!), and I was going to write short stories, review books, movies, comics and the like.

“When I first started, I was selfish. When I started a second time, I was observant, and for a third I was involved.”

I thought maybe; I will show my experience in this area.

And then I took my first look at the WordPress reader and BAM. Everyone’s doing the same thing. So I revised my expectations lower and perused those blogs I found most interesting.


New Bitmap Image 10.3
The stats the first day I started


It was a little disappointing my first day’s results, but I hadn’t expected much better.

The second day was a bit of a refresher. I googled, ‘how to get more views for bloggers’, ‘how to care a niche for bloggers’ and I refined my approach. I joined this super cool group.

If you’re new, sign up for one of these babies

I started on the community pool, an amazing place for beginners; I caught onto something called one-word daily prompts – from there I was hooked.

I did Photo prompts by Friday Fictioneers? Didn’t quite work out—count me in.Weekend coffee shares? Freaking weird but who cares! I love it!

Blogging opened me up to a wonder world of community. There were opinion blogs, lifestyle blogs in every format—from businesses to hobbies. The topics ranged from food to hunting, politics, religion to my own talents of creative writing.Everyone was like-minded, and everyone was passionate; however, not everyone was talented. For the first time since ever, a larger community appreciated me for what I could do. I was nominated for the Liebster Award, and I’ve felt gratitude for the wordpress society ever since. liebster-award

I noticed some blogs floundered, and some people quit, or never posted anything for years between. It became quite apparent to me why some had succeeded and others hadn’t – and though I’m still new, I try to help them out, because I was like them once.

I started seeing familiar faces. Blogs I had visited, posting on other blogs, being involved with others. The blogging world to me was incredibly generous.

When I first started, I was selfish. When I started a second time, I was observant, and for a third I was involved.

So the beginning of April represents something new for Scratches and Scribbles. It will be a refreshing start, without expectations. I don’t know how well I performed for the past month, and whether I should be proud or not.

I see people with tens of thousands of followers, but it’s not a thing to envy. They’ve had years on me, and once upon a time, they’d of done the same.



New Bitmap Image
My stats for March



Now that I’ve made my mistakes I’m going to start again.

Hit that refresh button.



And why hello, here’s my WordPress Reader again!




13 thoughts on “And Now It’s April.

  1. I read your entry about stats. Interesting. Stats aren’t really important unless you are writing solely for money. If you want to re-ciculate your writing for free, there are places like ‘stumble upon’…and similar free websites, twitter and others.


  2. This is good. I found that the problem I posed disappeared. I can read all the comments now. Well done. Today I am featuring you as the blogger of the day for the Solidarity Support Challenge. This will be published soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on being back. I have been at a one year… and I still feel like a newbie! I used to worry about stats (etc.) … now I just collect and am quietly happy. I have no idea why people follow- or choose not to follow- but I am happy with the community that is beginning to surround me. The voices that I hear cause me to be a better writer… I hope. At least I have a few voices from the outside to contest with the inner ones!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrads on your first month and Liebster Award, always a pleasure to read your work, and it always makes you feel appreciated when awarded for it, makes you feel like you are walking the red carpet with your name in ligths, keep up he good work..

    Liked by 1 person

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