Wind Flows Through Me

So I don’t write poetry, but the other day my girlfriend was feeling sad, and a rhyming couplet invaded my thoughts.

Roses are red, Violets are blue

Flowers are overrated

How about poetry for you?

So here’s the piece I wrote her. I think it’s the first poem I ever wrote her, and she framed it somewhere on her wall. How embarrassing but if I’m going to be embarrassed, I might as well put it here.

Wind Flows Through Me

This wind never rests;

Where clouds drift and suns shine bright,

With a kiss and a gentle caress.

Lapse at the ocean, cooing soft light.

It brushes your waist,

Travels your lips, with a gentle trite;

Through windswept streets, make haste I say-

Don’t ever stop, never rest.

But pause in my embrace,

And I’ll steal it away-

-I’ll kiss you. My Coup de Grace

So it just flew out of my hand. Like you guys, I stared at it for ages, and couldn’t divine a deeper meaning. Its internal message seemed like a contradiction, but she didn’t notice it…but one day she will ask- someone will ask. It’s on her wall!

So if you think anything of it, please, please I beg you. Comment below and tell me what it means!


18 thoughts on “Wind Flows Through Me

  1. I think poetry is often embarrassing for us because it is so raw, so honest. We seem to think we shouldn’t be feeling or thinking things this intense, this beautiful — why, how childish to speak our hearts! Everyone knows hearts and souls are things to be hidden, locked and pretended away. These flowery passions are irrational, things to be overcome with reason and constraint and maturity.
    I think we all crave the honesty of poetry, and we are all embarrassed about it. It takes either the very young or the very brave to overcome that fear of mockery from others who are afraid to admit they feel that deeply too. Because they do, we all do, but maybe if we don’t put words on it we can pretend these passions don’t exist. And if they don’t exist, they can’t be taken or hurt or misunderstood.
    But they also can’t be used. They can’t be appreciated, they can’t be reciprocated, they can’t drive us and others to search out even deeper truths within ourselves — and they hinder our empathy, because we walk through life with the illusion that we are alone in these thoughts.
    So good on you for being brave enough to be honest, to make the world a little more truthful. A little more beautiful. And that poem is very beautiful, even if you haven’t a meaning for it yet. 🙂

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  2. your poem is very lovely, and its beauty lies in the mystery that makes it not easy to guess, and i think you should write more for your girlfriend, because there is nothing as easier for me as writing about someone i deeply love, i could write and never finish, so write more its going to come with the love you have for her!

    so i have two thoughts of what this could mean, it could mean that the wind is the sadness that torments your lover and that it goes on and makes you not know what to do, but then reassure her that you are her shelter that you can catch the torments, and kiss the hurt away, that its a violent wind but that you are there through it, and that the love beats it!

    it could also mean a lullaby and a praise of her beauty, how glorious she is that even nature, and earth are jealous ” the wind that brushes her” but that you know of that beauty more than all of them and are willing to steal her away, to make her yours, no matter how immense she is in beauty!

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    1. Well that was helpful. I’m still thinking about it! haha
      I share everything I write with her, but writing specifically for her? I don’t know who I write for if not myself, but I can write for myself through her? I guess.
      I’ll figure things out, thanks for the comment miss! have a goodnight.

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  3. Poetry is so interesting, there’s something about it that is embarrassing for some reason. I write it occasionally but there is something within me that baulks at the thought of it. I wonder what it is. And I wonder if you would feel the same way if you shared another piece of your writing with her? I think it’s pretty cool that you shared a poem with her though, I’ve never done that with anyone and not sure I could. The contradiction within it is interesting. I find that meanings within writing can reveal themselves over time, particularly the ones that flow out of us with the intensity that this one did you. It will be interesting to see if anything comes to you as time passes. Let us know I guess 🙂

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    1. It’s not the first poem I’ve shared. I’m pretty bad at having a consistent meter, so I tend to stay away from it.
      When I do write her another piece, I think I will be even more embarrassed, especially now I know it goes on her wall.
      My fear of showing my work extends not just from poetry, but to all areas of creativity. I’ve only ever showed my work to a few people before I started blogging. It’s a fear of rejection which isn’t unfounded. One of my friends hasn’t said it, but I know he doesn’t like my writing. I still show my work to him, but much more cautiously :/
      and who knows? Maybe the meanings of my work will come in a nightmare, haha.

      Thank you for commenting so thoughtfully. 🙂

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      1. It’s a learning curve 🙂 When you ‘expose’ your inner thoughts and feelings for the world to see, it can be scary at first. And not everyone will like what you have to offer. That’s fine too. It’s all good learning. Good luck with it 🙂

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