Dreaming of a Relationship Not Worth Having.


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I’m dreaming, I remembered thinking.

Whenever she closed her eyes, years melted away. I often wondered what she dreamt when lay still. Her breath was calm, and her stomach rose with a gentleness, and drifted as it fell.

She slept with hair across her face, and a smile that belied our ill.

I reached out with a hand to brush her locks and caress her cheek, but as always, I pulled back. Instead, I pulled the sheets apart and settled into the warmth beside her.

Tension left me as I lay still. Staring out the window, as always; I admired the fullness of the moon, the porcelain of her skin and breathed the sweetness of hair.

As always, my toes curled, and I reached out to her again. Gently, as not to disturb her, for she would wake tense and pull away.

It was only here when we lay still, that she was in my arms at the end of each day.

Sometimes, in our love, we hurt one another. Conflict is necessary for every relationship. It brings with it character, a degree of understanding and most importantly – respect. 

No relationship is without conflict, and we often fantasize the concept of the perfect friend, the perfect lover. The idea isn’t worth thinking, faraway and removed from reality. In truth, such a relationship would be stagnant, and any such bond worthless.

It’s through conflict we forge relationships stronger. We understand, we forgive, and we let go; so I implore everyone that’s struggling to hold on, empathy and understanding are the most important traits in any relationship.

On a side note, I am faraway (hehe) travelling for the weekend, so I apologise for the lack of posts!


19 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Relationship Not Worth Having.

      1. Not yet Nam! I’m trying Singaporean chicken this weekend though so wish me luck.. it looks easy enough, even for me lol. But I will let you know as soon as I do!

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      1. That is certainly a wrong belief about love; but for a perfect relationship, if it is perfect, it means, of course, that it has no flaws. The question is whether a perfect relationship exists in this world. It may be between God and his angels or saints; not mortals.


      2. Yes, that’s the only instance I believe in which perfect love does exist.
        As in, perfect love exists outside the realm of human understanding, and thus our love will always be flawed.


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