Beware of Toilets When Dreaming!


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Sometimes, she lay there awake—lucid and alert. She noticed the moon, and how the stars twinkled, and how the grass was soft beneath her. It was times like these, where she wasn’t sure she was awake.

It didn’t occur to her that she should be lying in a bed—only that it was warm outside, and that she felt an urge to pee, and the toilet on top of the hill beckoned.

She made her way up—it was an easy climb, sat down on the toilet, and gazed at the stars, that winked at her.

Why were they winking?

She stiffened, no longer calm and awoke.

Just a little bit of fun tonight. I freely admit that I’m a victim of my dreams! 

A few years back I was sharing bed peeing stories with some friends.Here’s one of them.

I was lost in a maze, and I desperately needed to go. Left, right, it didn’t matter- So I turned one more corner, and there was a toilet.

No pressure! But feel free to share, and remember to pee before you go to bed everyone.


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