3-Day Quote Challenge (Day 1)

In life, there are a thousand people to respect, and in history, a couple hundred thousand more. It was quite the task finding three specific quotes that I think can represent something in my life.

For this first day, I am going to present a quote by Erwin Rommel.

For those of you who don’t know, Erwin Rommel was a German Field Marshal in World War Two and is perhaps one of the most respected (but little known) generals of the war.

He is perhaps more well-known by the moniker the British forces gave him while commander of the Afrika Corps where he commanded the fighting in the African Theatre – and became known as the Desert Fox, and his defence at the Battle of Normandy.

One of his comments within his biography was, “war without hate” – unfortunately not the quote I will be using for this challenge but it demonstrates the ethical standard in

Tom Cruise plays Erwin Rommel in Valkyrie.

which he held himself, his army, the Jewish and his prisoners of war.

He was a national hero of Germany and his implication in the Hitler assassination plot made it difficult to implicate him publicly. Instead, his family was held ransom, and he chose death by cyanide in return for their safety.

So here is my quote

“Gentlemen, you have fought like lions and been led by donkeys.”


This is what Rommel reportedly said to the captive British Special Forces that attempted to assassinate him – and I believe it is a line that acquits him of any guilt in his character. What is there not to respect a man that pays homage to his assassins? He holds them in a professional regard. He treated them well as prisoners of war. Fed them, bathed them, and this is despite the complete lack of supplies he had in his African Campaign.  Not once—twice the Allied forces attempted to assassinate him—and he put his enemies before his own men.

Nordafrika, Rommel und Westphal schieben Auto
Erwin helps dislodge a staff vehicle – picture sourced from the German Federal Archive.

It is not the only instance where the quote played a role in his life. Rommel was often leading battle from the front lines. Here’s another quote that explains his force of character.

“The Afrika Korps followed Rommel wherever he led, however hard he drove them. … the men knew that Rommel was the last man to spare Rommel.”

Now that you have a base understanding of the man himself, you can begin to understand how his views can be applied in life. As a person, I endeavour to not hold grudges. I do not believe that people are black and white, that actions one takes against me should colour my views against them.

I want there to be room in my heart for forgiveness, and understanding—if no one tried to understand, if no empathy was given, no one could forgive, no one could forget, and no one would ever move on.

Written In response to the 3-day Quote Challenge (Day 1)

Nominated by the lovely Ms. Fofo at Hush Speak Softly.

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