Old and Alone.


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Time stood still, and I looked out the window, where my gaze dropped from the endless sky to the towers that rose and stretched down below.

The ground teemed with human life – where children laughed, and adults scurried about. They ate ice cream under the sun and drabbed articles of clothing across their person as they shopped. Isolated, narcissistic, close-minded each of them – and then I was back, and I tore my eyes from the ground below.

It wasn’t that easy of course. When you were alone, you struggled, and you only saw through windows into others’ lives.

My room was barren of course, holding little but the basic functionality for life. A single cup, a running tap, and a microwave that grew ill with use.

It was nothing like the room in the adjacent complex. The curtains were pulled back, but I had peered into their lives enough to know where the television lay, the alcohol cabinet and that there were more occupants than the legal limit. Or the one next to it, where the residents slept during the day and boomed music all night.

I shook myself from the scene again, closed the curtains on others’ lives.

There was a knock on the door, and I stumbled towards it, clutching the walls as I went. With a turn of the handle, and a groan that was either the door or me.

“Hello Mister Hutchins, I’m nurse Williams,” the nurse said. She fixed a smile as plastic as her routine.

“I’m old, not senile,” I said.

Her smile never dropped. “I’m going to be taking your blood today, and prepare your bath.”

She did that every day.

Hello Everyone~! Just letting you all know I live on! I’ve been busy lately, and very tired, so I apologise for a lack of posts. So what have I missed? A lot of daily posts apparently, haha. 

Solitude was a word that unsurprisingly made me think of every day life. I don’t have much of a routine, but some people follow theirs like machines! Being old, living in a nursing home I guess you don’t get much opportunity. Can you imagine it? Being forced to rely on others to go about your daily needs? Being unable to fully interact in society in the manner you have known it?? 

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!



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