How Not to Salt Your Wounds.


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Damien wasn’t laughing anymore – one moment he was smiling, his eyes relaxed, arms held loose in their drunken manner, and  then he was tense. The table flew back as he not so much stood, as he threw himself to his feet. Muscles coiled, fists tightened, and as he rose, the bartender recoiled, stumbled and fell.

The bar was loud, but it did little to mask the crash of the table, and the shatter of glass – and the music stopped, and even the unfocussed crowd grew quiet.

Damien stooped down to the bartender, pulled him close by the tie.

“We all have our scars kid,” he said, “Now, another glass for my troubles.”

The bartender pushed himself away and reached for another bottle. He uncorked it, retrieved a glass, and looked Damien in the eye

“We all have our problems mate,” the bartender said before he deliberately spilled the content on the floor. “You know what the difference between what’s a problem and not? Problems can’t get over themselves.”

It went over Damien’s head, his eyes were too unsteady to care. He didn’t hear his words, he didn’t see the manner in which the bartender scurried back. He saw the alcohol, and he saw it stain the carpet and disappear into the ground.

“You’re dead,” he shouted, and he took a step forward – but the crowd rushed him, stopped him where he stood, and took him from his feet.

“You’re dead,” he shouted again, “dead, dead, dead-“

Good evening everyone! Today’s post was about scars, and I was thinking – let’s not lord our problem’s over others shall we? It’s often easy to become self-centred and lost in our problems and ourselves. 

It’s important to remember during these times that there’s other around us. They are people we can lash at, they are people we can vent on, people that have problems of their own, but most importantly, they are people that can help us. 

Have a wonderful start of the week everyone, and remember to watch out for those around us 🙂 



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