Writer’s Block – Help Please!


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I stared at the blank page, and it stared back at me. My hand hoped to scribble on its face, even now my finger’s twitched against the pen in hand. Derogatory notes, or an epic of such fictitious absurdity it would end with the paper’s demise.

But my mind was as blank as the sheet before me.

I let out a sigh, let the pen roll out of my hand and away from me, but the paper didn’t look away from me. Instead, it seemed smug, all crisp and freshly pressed.

It wasn’t normal how the page responded to me. It didn’t even have a character yet.

My thoughts made me angry and frustrated—I snatched up my pen, doodled something obscene.

Anything to make progress, I laughed at the dick I drew on it and then I threw it in the bin, the paper scrunched up.

At least now I could say it had a character –and I wrote a narrative of how the blank sheets hoped to discover themselves. It was a long journey, and the paper filled themselves with ink and the perils of writer’s block.

When they reached the end and defeated the evil boss— the ultimate writer’s block, they discovered what the author had characterized them as writer’s block in itself.

He had doodled across them, where they too were promptly scrunched up and binned.

Mindless rabble today. I haven’t touched my story  in over a month, and I grow frustrated. How does everyone deal with a lack of motivation? 

If you have any advice to give, please comment below! 


10 thoughts on “Writer’s Block – Help Please!

  1. I find challenging writers block to a duel, pistols at dawn, tends to do the trick.
    Failing that shift your focus onto anything else writing related and write. Then get back into the story. Sometimes over-focus on one story or subject matter is draining. Try mixing it up.


      1. It just happens, I can’t really say it’s a conscious thing. For some reason I’ll feel like switching from my main project to a short story or other writing. Maybe when I reach some sort of creative block?
        But I write best when I’m absorbed in one story.

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  2. I’d try to write something else, write about a subject or topic that you’re familiar or comfortable with. Then when your mind eases a bit, return to the story you’re working on. Hope that helps, good luck.


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