Right at Home.


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On the mountain’s I stood. Which one, I hardly knew. North of the great ranges but not so far that where I stood, the land heaved from granite to plains; that wilderness sighed to roads, to pylons and to trains. Where the wood smoke breathed of country towns, or the coal mines a little further.

I knew them by their smell; that of soot, dirt and thunder.

I was north but not so far north. To the south across the bay I could say, but perhaps it would be more accurate to say all over lay that of Melbourne. A sprawl that stretched not from ground to the sky, but horizon to horizon. From one end of the bay to nigh the other, and stretching further west than the yarra.

A great town that was established by the ceding of territory through a treaty the Wurundjeri did not understand. Six hundred thousand acres of land in exchange for some fourty blankets.

In the present day, the Melbournians were a pleasant people. They affixed and wore smiles aplenty. in the night, they lived a life of glitter. A thousand small suns, but not stars. There stood none so bright.

To my west lay the Alpines, and further still the semi-arids that led to South Australia.

Behind me, east from here, if I trailed my gaze there was the princes highway, the coastal road interstate. A quiet road compared to the Hume. If I listened, quitter still, there was nothing but the cry of clouds and clouds. That and the sea.

From where I stand on these mountains, I figured this is home for me.

This is Victoria, and what I find natural.


Good evening everyone! Nam here, today with this prompt I was thinking of nature, and then I thought of home – Melbourne, Victoria.

It made me think. Would I ever want to live interstate or worse yet, intercontinental (Australia is a continent of it’s own remember)? The thought made me shudder a bit, and I guess it’s natural for me.

I would like to ask what do you all think? Where do you live and would you ever consider moving?

Please leave your comments below, signing off. Until next week!


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7 thoughts on “Right at Home.

  1. Home is wonderful place to discover. Be it new or the same land in which one was born and raised. There is no comfort quite like it.
    I have never visited Australia, but it is on my list of places to explore one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure you would love it here! I’m discovering new things about my home everyday!
      Exploring Australia though is a place constrained by time and enormity.
      Many people forget, but Australia isn’t just a country, it’s a continent!
      If you do at some point decide to journey here, I endeavour you to contact me 🙂
      Or do your research I suppose.


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