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June in Melbourne was cold, frigid month. The days were ancient—heartbeats stilled and breaths formed clouds of the air. Outside the tram windows, buildings loomed above, ensorcelled and grey.

Tick went my heart, tock went the time.

But just a beat previously, perhaps an hour, perhaps a day – the sun glistened in the fog, like crystals that burst. Cars of all colours painted rainbows of roads.

People wore t-shirts, but I wore grey.

Then I was back, but for the sway of the tram. My gaze turned inside. The silence of commuters—white screens and blank eyes and the steady hum of engines – or was it their screens.

The tram stopped with the sound of grease. Wasn’t it supposed to screech?

Automated doors rolled open. Passengers curious, happy and excited.

“What’s for dinner?” One might have said.

“Korean,” might another.

I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t listening.

The tram jerked forward, and the ground shook.

The doors closed and entombed the passengers in silence.

Nothing but for the sound of breathing and the hum of an engine in my chest, I looked up. I thought I heard something but perhaps I was mistaken—I saw only coloured germs, a cloudy light.

Popped my headphones on.

I was feeling morose, although traffic looked happy.

Like my fellow commuters.

A traffic of individuals, a society of ignorance. We are all travellers in life, separated by ignominy. Self-centred and uncaring.

Tourists, un-interactive, ill-bred but compliant with an established culture.

Perhaps if I felt like it, I’d remove my headphones, and ask someone what they have discovered today.

They would smile—relieved that someone cares to ask them. The sky would brighten and the mist will fade. Who knows, we might just find a companion.

Or they might just think I’m strange.

Besides, I’m an artist and I paint in greys.

I place my headphones back on. When did I take them off?

And stare out the window into a world of better promise…

When the clouds began to bleed rain.


New Bitmap Image
Courtesy wallrage

Hello everyone! Nam here.

As an Explorer of Reality (Through Fiction), this weeks prompt held some resonance for me. As a person, I believe in approaching life with curiosity. There is always something out there, something we don’t know. Something we can improve on, do better. 

I very much believe I am a tourist in life, albeit a hands-on tourist. I am always doing something different, and I am richer because of it. 

So this week I am writing to ask you, my faithful readers to about those boundaries in your life. Those invisible rules, those strangers beneath your notice. Yes~! Them! 

We all lead interesting lives, imagine the life of that person sitting next to you. No, you don’t actually have to ask, but…at the very least, think about it. Maybe, one day you will meet again under more favourable conditions. And have coffee! Or tea!

They might be lawyers, doctors, farmers or just your imagination.  You never know if you don’t ask, and you don’t imagine. I promise you, you will be better off because of it.

Even if you don’t ask, it’s the thought that counts~! 


Don’t hesitate. 

Explore your fiction, and love your reality. Registered & Protected  BWMH-GNZ4-MPQT-3URS


10 thoughts on “Tourism – A snapshot of everyday life

  1. Very interesting post and so true. As writers or artists we either let out imaginations flow and away it goes or shout it out on paper, canvass etc as soon as we get home. Speaking to fellow travellers is another thing, when initiated connecting with another person can be positive.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can understand this in many ways.
    There are often moments, especially while driving, that sudden thoughts of how each of those people travelling, like me, have a destination in mind, have their own family, thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears.
    Maybe some are similar or complete opposites. It is a mystery indeed.
    When I used to take the bus too and see the same people each day, it fascinated me, and still does, how each person there would go home to their own house filled with their own special memories. Even looking outside at the cars and houses on my street. It is often overwhelming to think about it all.
    A part of me wants/ed to ask, but to then be shot down by the inner shyness and music from earphones.
    But yeah, I really enjoyed reading this piece, very well written!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you found it synonymous to your own experiences!
      The other day, I think I saw one of my childhood friends (from back when we were five) and we were staring at each other across the tram (streetcar/light rail). We ran into each other like that for a series of Tuesdays but neither of us said anything and I’m afraid we lost the chance 😦
      So yes, it’s always overwhelming, but there’s always opportunity to connect. When you recognise someone, try not to squander it like I did 🙂


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