Frankenstein – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Like many readers that picked up Frankenstein, I was well familiar with the narrative before I first laid eyes on the novel. What first attracted me? I have no clue really, it was lying around my room and I needed something to read on my holiday.
I didn’t expect it to be scary, I’ve watched horror movies before. They’re scary. I haven’t read horror before though.The very concept of being terrified by a book? My imagination is active but not that active, so yeah, no.

…Now was it scary? I certainly felt chills down my spine. The protagonist, one Victor Frankenstein certainly has an appreciation for life. He’s charming and charmed. Beloved and loving.
I highly recommend the read – more so if you’re unfamiliar with the plot. Having watched a play, it kind of spoiled it for me. Maybe I would have been scared if I hadn’t 😐

Despite that, the changing medium held my interest and achieved to add depth to his character and plot. His disposition in writing is heartfelt and his character really comes to life. He interacts with his environment, and his thoughts realise a sense of awe, love and appreciation. It’s hard not to be absorbed by him.

Then he makes a monster.

Like all men, he is fallible and that makes the narration all the more real.

The literary style, romanticism is especially effective here. It contrasts the beauty of nature and his regrets to the raw opportunity that is science. Science which I will reiterate, destroys his life. Mrs. Shelley explains this perfectly throughout her narration of the human condition – the primary theme of Frankenstein.


Beyond that? I think it’s impossible not to benefit from the book. It leaves a lot to the imagination, a lot to think about and the author has outdone herself. At the worst, for those hesitant – it’s an interesting read. At the best, it’s a work of art which will leave you late at night. Dreaming…pondering.

Who doesn’t like a read like that?

Don’t hesitate I say! 

Explore your fiction, and love your reality.



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