Poetry – In truth! Your smile…

In Truth! your smile…

It tells me gently – come and stay,

Ever a guile,

Troubles o’ mine your lips allay

Soft and sweet! Tastes like someday

Nam Nguyen 2016

Last week I read a lovely little post at Creative Talents Unleash – A quaint  mode of poetry called the Cinquain

It follows a rough pattern – doesn’t necessarily have to rhyme. It’s more about the meter, following a loose five-line verse.

Line 1: Four syllables

Line 2: Eight syllables

Line 3: Four syllables

Line 4: Eight syllables

Line 5: Eight syllables

It’s simple and it’s really sweet! I’d encourage you all to attempt the Cinquain. 

Choose an aspect of your life, live it and love it. Memories are passing, writing is immortal. 

What better way to honour it but to make it eternal?

Explore your fiction.

 And love your reality.

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