2016 – An Amazing Year So Far

When I first touched pen to paper, or more aptly – finger to keyboard, I had no idea where it would take me – that first letter, those first words.

 Harold punched the mirror until there were a thousand faces of Harold, each crouched over and breathing hard, hair limp and lathered in sweat.  It dripped down their necks, but only Harold knew it dripped in his pits.

“You can do this,” he looked himself in the eye, intimidated by the image the panel of Harolds projected, All powerful suits and straight-laced ties.



On the 13th of March this year, I first began blogging. I hadn’t an idea of what I wanted to write, I just knew I wanted to write. That was how Scratches and Scribbles was born. I wrote every day when I first started, submitting creative works to competitions and updating my blog. I didn’t win any competition of course, but that was never really the point.

It was about recognition and it was recognition that found me publishing content online at The Australia Times online.

My Acceptance email!

Of course it wasn’t a paid opportunity, but I hardly cared. Any opportunity was something for my resume, something I was proud of. That was of course- when my posts on Scratches and Scribbles stopped appearing everyday. Dividing my time between an online publication, my personal blog and work was difficult.

Now? Even more so.

Last week, I received an email, correspondence from My Trending Stories, a team based in New York. I hadn’t known how long they had been following me (secretly I assume! I certainly didn’t know!), but they sent me an email and it said –

“We have come across your blog https://scratchesandscribbles.com/  and strongly admire the content. Your writing abilities and ability to engage readers is remarkable and a very rare asset in this days and age oversaturated blogging community. We would love to have your content  on writing/reviews displayed on our website…”


That was my first reaction when I read that email.

Calm, I told myself.


One Deep breath.

Maybe Two

Then I picked up the phone and called my girlfriend.

Beep Beep, the phone went.

She didn’t pick up but that too, is not the point.

I knew on top of everything it was a lot to take on, but that moment when I first touched pen to paper, or finger to keyboard – I knew I just wanted to write.

So from today, I’ll be joining the My Trending Stories Team.

But it doesn’t mean I’m leaving you guys.

In addition to Scratches and Scribbles, you can now find me here –

The Australia Times (Fiction, Children and Girls magazines)

My Trending Stories


This year has been amazing for me and what better way to celebrate it?


Explore your Fiction

And Love your Reality.



9 thoughts on “2016 – An Amazing Year So Far

  1. Awesome man, thats great getting published in the Aus paper.
    Thanks a lot for the collab, that was a lot of fun and everyone really liked the humourousness of it, props to you for suggesting it and setting the story up that way ☺

    One last thing, not to piss on your parade, but I got an email from my trending like that and so have a few others I know. Im not sure how legit they are, and seem like a young Huffpo in the making i.e. use the hard work of people to make money without paying the writers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t talk about it much. But I do have a few doubts about it. In the end, a lot of online publications operate in that manner but I’m not too fussed. Really, my main focus is to get my name out there. My career path is still uncertain and when I accepted I thought of it as an opportunity. So I understand what you’re saying and I’ll keep your doubts in mind but it’s another thing for my cv 🙂 another direction in life 🙂
      Was wonderful working with you too! I’ll be sure to ask you again this year!

      Liked by 1 person

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