Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro


This is one of those narratives that will always stay with you. Delightfully clever and difficult to put down, Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ is deceptively simple. Kathy loves Tommy, but Tommy loves Ruth and Ruth is Kathy’s best friend – but of course, it is never that simple.

Kathy, Tommy, and Ruth are students at Hailsham. They live an idyllic life where they are free to express themselves through the creative arts – they were free to trade these among themselves, but the best of which, was always taken from them. There was a real focus on health. There were medical check-ups, and smoking was taboo. Of course, it was never that simple.

Kathy, Tommy, and Ruth are organ donors. Kathy, Tommy and Ruth are clones, and  Hailsham was a school that taught predisposition to giving – to donating and their time together is tragically sweet but painfully short.

Having finished the novel, it is difficult to discern where the subject matter lies. Kathy makes for a very emotional narrator and one with a, particularly emotive memory. Her every self-reflection is difficult to pull away from and the scenes are displayed with an incredibly detailed retentive irony.

Suddenly Hailsham isn’t so sunny, and the children aren’t so much children anymore. Self-aware but terribly afraid in an uncooperative world, the novel isn’t about clones. The clones are no different from underpaid foreign labourers. If we were to look into a mirror, they would be no distinction between them and us. This is a story about people – about you, about me and how to continue to function within an exploitative society and that – that is exactly what I typically blog about. I can’t recommend it anymore then that.

Explore your fiction.

And Love your Reality.


12 thoughts on “Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro

      1. Yeah I think it is. They’re clones inside a facility and then Ewan starts having dreams of a big boat which he’s never seen on the ocean which he’s never seen because the world outside is a ‘nuclear waste’. He then realises these dreams originate from his sponsor’s memories and they have all been lied to.
        Wow that brings back memories. I think it’s about ten years old now. Was a good movie!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yah :/ that guy was nasty.
        The difference between this book and the movie is they strike opposite tones.
        Never let me go is very resigned while the island is more rebellious


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