What kept you up late at night? Well…

He didn’t know how long he lay there. He didn’t know when he started dreaming, but he did know when he was awake. It was 3:00 when he last checked his watch. It was 3:04 am when he had enough.

“That’s it,” he said. He rolled out of bed with all the largesse of the lethargic. That was to say, he didn’t roll off the bed as the bed rolled off him.

He flipped it over, his wife – her snores and all.

She slept like a brick but he regretted it immediately.

His wife was utterly terrifying when she awoke early.

He meant to make a run for the kitchen. Quickly. To get her some coffee.

But he watched – terrified as she hit the ground. The sound of her heavy breathing stopped, and that was when she transformed from the brick of passivity.

Gone was the wife he knew. Something had replaced her, from the depths of his nightmares.

He just wanted to sleep. He hadn’t wanted this. It rose over him and gripped silently at his heart.

Time ticked slower than his heart and he froze as everything went Silent Hill.

When she didn’t move, he knew he had to be dreaming.

She lay there.




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This was a piece I wrote late at night. It made it a little difficult to sleep and I wondered how it would make all of you feel? Please do share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them and what keeps you up late at night.

Explore your fiction. 

And love your reality.


17 thoughts on “What kept you up late at night? Well…

  1. Hi! I just found your blog through the Community Pool. Well that took an almighty turn! Short but captivating. What keeps me awake at night? I’m going to sound extremely cliqué but the dark. My mind can’t comprehend that everything is the same from the transition of light to dark. Dressing gowns become body shapes, the ticking off the clock become the grinding of teeth.. the dark keeps me awake at night.

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    1. Now that you ask that, I’m not sure how you’d react at all. I kind of wrote it without thinking too deeply on the implication.
      Cry for a bit and then call the police, your mum, dad, and hers. It’s scary and what’s worse is the potential manslaughter charge.

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  2. I urge you to participate in my SWOS series over on my Evince blog. With a talent like this, you’ll have readers unable to look away! Please join me, I’d love to have you!

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      1. I’ve gotten one blog to join but they didn’t continue with me! I know that statistic doesn’t make it sound auspicious but, there’s a first time for everything? Haha, it’s totally up to you! Writing is a beautiful and personal thing. 🙂


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