Honour amongst Thieves

It was a sunny day outside of the firm. He was a lawyer –

Synonym: tired, all-nighter, scoundrel and thief.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Barry abruptly asked his secretary.

She looked up at him, confused.

It took a little egging to get her going. They left the office arm in arm, hand on arse, and led her down cool streets and alleys.

Anything to escape his responsibility for the day.

“fancy sparin’ a coin or two?” said a voice from behind.

His secretary screamed and Barry whirled around.

There was a man – and in his hand a knife.

“Oh it’s you Barry,” the man said. With all the casualness of an honest mistake, he removed his knife, placed it back in his pants and they shook hands.

“My apologies, allow me to introduce you to my colleague,” Barry said, “Professional courtesy and all, but be careful with this one. He’s a scoundrel.”

The secretary was mortified, but the thief proved a gentleman.

He tipped his hat, and kissed her hand.

Lest it be forgotten, there was honour amongst thieves (and etiquette for the women.



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And Love your Reality


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