A Kite in the Sky

The wind  started slow that day. The breeze was light and our efforts did little more than jiggle in the air. We kept at it, unwinding  the string as it went.

It was when the sky turned gold that our efforts began to show. The wind picked up, and our kite with it.

Red, yellow, orange and blue.

I heard my son scream. β€œHigher daddy, higher!”

We took it higher the kite flew until it became one with the hues of the sky.

It soared above and we watched from below.It glowed with our love: red, yellow, orange and blue.


When was the last time you spent with your kite?
I pulled mine out for the first time in ten years – old, weathered and worn.

It was still my kite. It was awkward at first but then it came back.

It moved exactly like I remembered and it left me thinking…

…How had I forgotten?


Explore your Fiction.

Love your Reality


12 thoughts on “A Kite in the Sky

      1. I did! Several actually. My dad taught my brother and I how to make and fly them 😊 We’d go out into the fields to fly them, but we’d make sure we’re not wearing red because someone told us we’d get attacked by the grazing carabaos πŸ˜‚

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