The Abandoned House

There by the lake was a house. It was an old house, abandoned to time.

The house was falling away, and its garden was always unkempt and twisted. One day, I decided to visit.

I jumped over the rotted fence and fought through the plants. Overhead, the weather turned fearsome, but I didn’t turn back.

I came to the canopy, stopped to regain my breath. When I did, I glanced through the window and screamed. A face peered back at me.

It wasn’t glass but a mirror.

The house wasn’t abandoned, the world was, and I screamed at our reflection.


Explore your Fiction.

Love your Reality.


33 thoughts on “The Abandoned House

  1. Ooh this is like a twisted fairy tale, and I would love to see it expanded. Why is the world abandoned? Does this mean the protagonist is the last human alive? What happened to everyone? So many questions, Nam!!

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      1. I liked the fairy-tale feeling. It reminded me of Grimm’s fairy tales, but it also has a plot twist that causes self-reflection on the character, reader, and story itself. I’d actually like to hear your explanation on it, but it’s also part of writing to let people read your clues and then make with it what they will. 😆

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  2. I was already amazed by the thought in the tale (10/10), after reading some of the comments and understanding the meaning even much more made me love the post even more! (20/10) .
    Your talent is amazing friend!

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