First Day on the Job

It was his first day on the job.

He checked the time on his watch, and it read – quarter to nine – he was going to be late to work.

In a panic, he didn’t check when he connected from the bus to the train.

It was well past nine when he noticed. His boss wasn’t happy when he finally arrived, sometime after ten.

‘It’s okay,’ he told himself, ‘It happens to everyone. I’ll apologise to the boss after.’

When his shift had ended, he knocked on the boss’ door.

The next day, he didn’t make it to work at all.


Last week, I was very happy I operated as the manager on site. I left my keys at home – caught light rail back. By the time I made it to the train station, thankfully, I left early, so I had a few minutes surplus to spare.

I was having an argument with my partner over the phone, and was too distracted to note the train I boarded.  By the time I noticed, I was five minutes headed the wrong direction. Add to that five minutes back to the central station, and another five minutes to board the right train.

I had missed the express that I was banking on, so I ended up fourty minutes late.

Afterwards, was when the thought occurred to me, that I was quite fortunate. No customers complained, and no staff operated the opening shift with me. Huzzah!


Explore your Fiction.

Love your Reality.



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