About Me

Let us explore reality through fiction and fiction through our experience of reality. Where can we go with it?

“We have come across your bloghttps://scratchesandscribbles.com/  and strongly admire the content. Your writing abilities and ability to engage readers is remarkable and a very rare asset in this days and age oversaturated blogging community. We would love to have your content  on writing/reviews displayed on our website…”

This is a blog that details the musings of an ordinary fictioner. Here, you can find works of fiction and reviews posted twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Nam H Nguyen was born in Melbourne, Australia 1993. He graduated from Monash University with a double major in English – Literature and Creative Writing. His publications can be found on the Australia Times Magazine and My Trending Stories.

Explore your fiction.

And love your Reality.

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21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great to connect with you, we are almost the same age, I was born at 1992. Congratulations on the awards, you truly deserve them, deserve perhaps even more with the beautiful soul that you are. Having known just little about you and in such a short span to turn out to be special to someone can only be done by people who are special in this World. You are a great soul, I thank for you the visit you made at my blog, your words were so strong and have uplifted my motive up so high, that yes I can make it, yes there is a future for me in this world. Thank you so much for that from the core of my heart. Your blog is epic, I look forward to reading more of your posts, planning to not miss out on any. Heading to your posts now Bud. Cheers to new friendship!

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    1. Hi Jack!
      Thanks for posting and in answer to your question, I’m thinking of quitting.
      It’s essentially a request to either abandon your current blog to join theirs, or to spread yourself thin on multiple platforms.
      What they’re offering doesn’t cover for that. I just don’t think there’s much benefit that comes out of it.

      Tell me whatever decision you choose to make. I’m quite curious!

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      1. Howdy Nam!

        I’ve had a fairly careful look at it and it seems crowded with articles and categories. They promise that your material is yours in the letter but the terms and conditions claim copyright over anything published on the site. I’m leaning against it. I want to push my blog and maybe work it into a paying gig, but it doesn’t look like the route.


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