The Pickpocket

Nam H. Nguyen - the pickpocket

We said our goodbyes and embraced each other in our arms. “See you,” he said, with his rogueish charm. His hands travelled down my waist, but before they could – I teased away. Please stay. “See you,” I said back. I felt like crying. He laughed, of course, like he always did. “Don’t worry. I’ll … Continue reading The Pickpocket


Honour amongst Thieves

It was a sunny day outside of the firm. He was a lawyer - Synonym: tired, all-nighter, scoundrel and thief. “Would you like to go for a walk?” Barry abruptly asked his secretary. She looked up at him, confused. It took a little egging to get her going. They left the office arm in arm, … Continue reading Honour amongst Thieves